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UAB on the Camino in Spain

Term To Study: May-Term 2014
Application Deadline: Feb 24, 2014
Program Starts: May 05, 2014
Program Ends: May 31, 2014
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $1,874.00
Link 1: UAB Office for Study Away Scholarships
Program Locations: Madrid, Santiago de Compostela
Contact Name: Uab Office For Study Away
Contact Email:
What is not Included: UAB Tuition & Fees
Ground Transportation
Meals and Lodging
Personal Expenses
Estimated Costs: The total estimated cost of this program is $5,054.00, based on 10 full fare participants and is broken down as follows:
  • UAB Study Away Program Fee: $1874.00
  • Estimated Ground Transportation: $195.00
  • Estimated Meals and Lodging: $1,080.00
  • Estimated UAB Tuition and Fees: $1,905.00

See the UAB Camino in Spain Costs Sheet below for details on payment deadlines.

Costs subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in currency conversion rates and/or student enrollment. Furthermore, taxes and fuel surcharges which are not covered by our contract with the airlines are subject to change and may result in additional charges. Although we make every effort to find suitable roommates for each participant, a single supplement may be charged for any single for which no suitable roommate is available. Other costs such as ticketing fees, personal expenses, passport fees, vaccinations and luggage fees are not included in the above estimate.
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Program Description

UAB on the Camino in Spain

The Road to Santiago is comprised of various routes that all end in the same place, Santiago de Compostela, where some believe the Cathedral houses the remains of the first martyred apostle of Jesus, St. James. UAB’s students will travel for cultural (not religious) purposes along the main artery, known as the French Road, or Camino Francés, since it originates in France. We will join the approximately 250,000 people of all beliefs (or lack thereof), backgrounds, and nationalities who currently travel each year along this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Coming into Contact with local Spaniards and an international cast of pilgrims is an education in and of itself, and the route itself can be thought of as a lengthy museum of sorts. It is an impressive experience to repeatedly encounter ancient Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and sites associated with legendary and historical events. In the words of anthropologist, Nancy Louise Frey’s Pilgrim Stories, “Each day’s journey becomes a field trip through a continuous museum, through the vagaries of Iberia’s (and Europe’s) history, politics and religious devotion” (38, 41). For academic purposes, UAB’s students will be culturally motivated pilgrims, although this does not preclude other, more personal motives for making this journey.

One of the attractive qualities of studying the pilgrimage route to Santiago is that it is inherently interdisciplinary in scope, to which two projects students will complete attest. First, during the coursework to be taken during the first half of May Session 2014, students will prepare a portfolio on important sites along the way or at the destination together and will give a presentation on the subject in situ during our travels. Second, while on the journey, students will gather data as they research a particular topic (artistic, architectural, literacy, historical, ethnographic, linguistic, et cetera). They will present their findings while in Santiago on May 30, the last day of the May Session. Students additionally will complete and turn in a daily journal.

2014 Faculty Leaders:

  • Students will enroll in SPA 290/390/490 at UAB for a total of 6 credit hours. Some students may be eligible to enroll in HON, GCL, ITS, HY or ARH for a total of 6 credit hours instead or in combination.

  • Sophomore Standing

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or above

  • Permission UAB Office for Study Away

  • Interview and Permission of Faculty Leader (students will be intervied in January)

Click here for instructions on how to apply to this program.

Quick Facts

Population: 47042984
Capital: Madrid
Per-capita GDP: $ 31000
Size: 505370 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

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Travel Warning: NO

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